Purchase Non Occupant

Want to purchase a home or refinance but you have too much debt and not enough income?  A family member or friend can co-sign a mortgage for their son-daughter or friend to help them qualify for a home purchase. We offer solutions that work for you.

Advantages for Non-Occupant

  • Occupying borrower is not required to have a minimum contribution to the monthly income
  • Occupying and non-occupying borrowers’ incomes are combined
  • Occupying and non-occupying borrowers’ debts are combined
  • Available on a variety of products: 30-Year/15-Year Fixed, 5/1 and 7/1 ARMS

Non-Occupant Co-Borrowers are Borrowers Who:


  • Do not occupy the subject property
  • Sign the mortgage deed of trust and note
  • Have joint liability for the mortgage
  • Are family or have an established relationship with occupying borrower(s)
  • Have a principal residence in the United States unless they are military, active-duty serving overseas or a U.S. Citizen living abroad

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