When my wife & I were in the market for our 1st home here in Chicago (less than 2 years ago), Zach (and Townstone) came highly recommended. From the very first email/phone conversation with Zach, I knew I was in good hands. Zach was extremely knowledgeable, efficient and demonstrated superior customer service throughout and still til this day. My realtor had given me his 3 mortgage lenders to consider, which I did. I had those 3 along with Zach, and Townstone, prepare their Good Faith Estimates.

And as no surprise, Townstone came in well under the other 3 competitors on both the interest rate and the closing costs. A year later, Zach calls me up and says rates have dropped and he can drop my rate by 0.25% with zero closing costs, basically free money in my pocket. So now I’m all refinanced with an extra $200/month being saved from the refi and I have Zach to thank for. Zach has looked out for my best interests and still does. That’s how you run a superior business and create a competitive advantage within the workplace. Zach, thank you for everything you do for my family.

Barry K.