I purposely posted to this service because I want everyone to know that this agency came through for my family when no other banks/services would give me a chance. I had a tough case. My husband had been a full-time student and then out of work for three years, having landed a decent paying job just 6 months ago and I, still in school, have little in w-2s to show for myself. Our home-equity loan of 60 K was coming due this year, and coupled with 100 K for tuition (and growing) and a personal loan for 190 K which we couldn’t pay interest on for over a year, I didn’t know who would help us, but I didn’t want to lose the house. I didn’t even have enough to cover remaining tuition and a dissertation. My only saving grace was a good credit score.

Bank of America solicited us and after spending hours and days submitting paperwork (and “communicating”) we were refused for the issues that I spelled out at the outset to them. US Bank wouldn’t even talk to me (try wading through their phone tree) even though I held the home equity with them (not my choice). Forays into a loan shark operation netted a best interest rate at 8.5% while SoFi’s computers couldn’t handle my numbers. I didn’t know where to turn.

I even called up a mortgage broker advertised on 820 AM who didn’t return a call after my husband took a day off to talk to him! Then I heard Townstone Financial’s ad on the same station. I talked to Ira who came up with a brilliant idea that I was able to take advantage of to reduce my debt ratio. Now, I looked like a better risk.

I also was able to get a loan for more than I thought I could ask for. I was treated with kindness. How much would you pay for someone to find a creative solution to your grave-outlook problem? Ira is brilliant. After reading some of the other reviews, I can tell you that Ira followed-up with me and kept me notified of where we were at with frequency. He called to make sure the closing went well. Yesterday, I deposited an enormous check into my acct. It is done. How do I thank Townstone for treating me like a human being? By giving you this unsolicited testimonial.

Eric F.